Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to look desperate in one minute

Desperation sometimes shows itself in the human with sweaty hands, sweaty brows, and occasionally with verbal pleading.  Mitt Romney however is a different animal, he knows how the game is played on a superior level.  It seems he has years of training, one can figure it comes from never paying real consequences of being morally guilty of anything.  One can only imagine.  "Yeah we shaved the kid's head, fuck him he's a faggot, what's he going to do tell on me?"  "That asshole is mad about me firing him and running his company into bancrupty, fuck him and fight his unemployment claim."  Ah yes, and yesterday we saw Mitt "What position do you want me to take today?" Romney provide another example of what seems to have become a massive desperation of the likes only Richard Nixon could truly understand.

I get a vision of Mitt sitting on the campaign bus with mussed hair and clinging to a Book of Mormon so tight the blood has drained from his finger tips, rocking back and forth watching Fox News for anything he might be able to use for his next attack on the President of the United States.  And so it came, bingo, the big score, as if he himself suddenly had the power of Joseph Smith and now everything would be different.  Four Americans killed during an embassy attack in Libya.  Where's the talking point?.....Where's the opponent's weakness?....  Four dead, fuck 'em I was meant to be president.  There's a press release from the embassy, what's it say?  What did the president's socialist mouthpieces say?  They said to tone down the religious war, well that's unAmerican, America is Christian and the God hater in Chief said to tone down the religious war?  How soon can we get the cameras and microphone live?

And so it went, Mitt, at the microphone and barely able to hide his delight as he attacked the President of the United States for apologizing to infidel Islam.  Four dead, fuck 'em I was meant to be president.  Well, the American people were listening, including panic stricken GOP brass who even though have become used to Mitt's mouth running out of control dampening any chance of victory, simply couldn't believe how bad this was.  What?.....No focus on the dead, no message of solidarity as Americans when our embassy has just been attacked?  God Damn it, when will we have another Reagan, this Mormon prick is going to take us all down with him?  The gamblers on Intrade, the Irish gambling site were listening too.  Within hours the president's likelihood of re-election increased by more than a percentage point.

Before Mitt could even leave the stage, the fact checkers had began doing what they do, determine what really happened......and it was bad........very bad.  As it turns out, the embassy press release was prior to the attack, meant as a fig leaf for peace between blood thirsty Christian zealots and blood thirsty Islamic zealots.  Mitt will no doubt double down on his words and claim his message was meant as a plea for a national day of silence in honor of the fallen Americans......and tomorrow, he will do it all over again regardless of facts or consequences, because for him, there are no real consequences..........Four dead, fuck 'em I was meant to be president.


  1. Bryan, you nailed it. This is exactly what it's all about:
    "Four dead, fuck 'em I was meant to be president. There's a press release from the embassy, what's it say? What did the president's socialist mouthpieces say? They said to tone down the religious war, well that's unAmerican, America is Christian and the God hater in Chief said to tone down the religious war? How soon can we get the cameras and microphone live?"

    Many people believe they were called to do something; beware the one that tells you God called them, over and over again. Where have we heard that before.

  2. Well said Bryan. But Mitt with mussed hair!? That's where you went a little overboard...

  3. Remember this tipping point people. Game On. Better fasten your seat belts it's going to be a fucking wild bumpy ride from here on and there is only one way to get off the ride.
    If the people of the world don't seek their own spirituality, whatever that might be, and start saving our earth and respecting human life we are on a short track.
    Fuck politics, political parties, Mitt Romney, Obama, republican, democrat, union, corporate America and every other divisive entity the professes to "Take Care of Us". Grow up.
    We were on the right track in the 60's but look at us now. Man did we ever sell out and buy into the game. I am ashamed of what I have been brainwashed into thinking is important, Do the right thing and consume and we will provide the goods and services. Let's kill to make sure everyone knows our God is a god of peace and love.
    Bryon, does my rant fall under humor or absurdity. Proud to be on your blog my friend.

  4. Great read man! You have skillz. Pretty sure that's Obama's fault too. :-)