Thursday, September 20, 2012

Did I say that out loud?

It's 2012, if you want privacy I suggest taking the Howard Hughes route.  Draw the curtains, order in food, and by all means toss out those shoes and put on some Kleenex boxes.  Or make up your own weirdness, stop showering and stuff wads of fabric softener sheets under your clothes each morning.  Become known to neighbors as the lumpy, yet pleasant smelling recluse as you make your way to the mailbox each day.  Otherwise, live knowing you are part of a very public society and if you beat your kid in public, sport a mullet haircut, or drunkenly dry hump the fiber glass alligator at the mini golf course at two in the afternoon you could very well find yourself with two million viewers on Youtube or Facebook.

Mitt Romney clearly doesn't understand the new rules, THERE IS NO PRIVATE conversation.  The fact Mitt doesn't understand this basic rule should probably disqualify him from consideration by anyone excluding drunken alligator humpers.  Mitt's brain appears to be one of those rare judgement free zones.  A sychophant in the purest sense, a lust for approval in the moment so intense phrases such as, "I was a severely conservative governor" escape to this very public world.  Repeal healthcare legislation based in large part on his own legislation, YES.  Declare war on Iran, YES.  Privatize social security and place the funds in the "low volatility" land known as Wall Street, YES.  Does the conservative base want it?  Well, if so then YES is the answer, unhealthy, broke, and dead middle class and poor citizens be damned.

Let's face it, there is an upside to this public world, especially when it comes to public policy and those who have chosen to ask us if they can drive it.  Oh, you believe not everyone is equal under the law?  Fuck you and your chicken sandwich.  You believe sin brought forth a hurricane where mostly good, but unfortunately poor people died?  Fuck you and your bastardization of common morality.  We are better aware of who the crazies are in 2012 AND we are better aware of HOW crazy.  One doesn't expect one of those crazies to be in the final two in this bizarre tournament known as presidential politics, but alas here we stand.  The 47%, retired Americans, students, the working poor, the economically struggling looking forward to opportunity and a better day, or as Mitt Romney would generalize by regarding as moochers.

Mitt is saying things out loud, lots of things.  Things unfortunately many Americans have a direct emotional response to without letting logic cause them to veer off course.  This isn't the first time I've heard a fellow citizen make equally ignorant, generalizing, and hateful remarks about the lazy 50%, often within earshot of a former welfare recipient turned taxpayer.  The majority of Americans?  Only time will answer that question.  Even Willy Bub, the slavery flag owning closet racist knows to call it "state's rights" in public and keep certain words in private, like minded company.  Does Mitt need a training course on hiding contempt, in his case for all but the upper class, maybe 15 minutes and a coffee with Willy Bub?  Unfortunately he has contempt for Willy Bub, so that probably won't happen.  Mitt, I think you may have fucked the alligator.

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  1. His arrogance, and subjugation of every moral he has, or should have, to his ultimate goal of the Presidency is frightening. People who think they are called, because they're special, are more frightening those with with old fashioned ambition!